Friday, January 27, 2012

Vaudeville Comes To Pine Hill

We put on a variety show we called “Vaudeville Comes to Pine Hill” last night in the back room at the Pine Hill Community Center. We had about 30 seats out and two couches, but we only had an audience of about 20 people. We had a great time. The crew of Chelsea Goodwin, Damon Francisco, Richard Treitner, and your truly, aided, abetted, and sometimes directed by Ann Epner, Director of the Pine Hill Community Center. The back room is flexible as to set-up, so we actualy ended up with an intimate arts experience in which everyone participated.

Dave Channon, sculptor and arts empresario extraordinaire from the direction of Phoenicia, has been the Director of the Shandaken Pan Arts Festival which started January 7, and ends Tuesday January 17. He joined the vaudeville show to spur everyone else on to greater expression.

Dave Channon, Coordinator of the Shandaken Pan Arts Festival, plays the kazoo at the feet of the Steam Punk altar, as Mary Herrmann looks on.

Chelsea Goodwin, MC of the “Vaudeville Comes to Pine Hill” show relaxes for a few minutes before the audience arrived.

Chelsea Goodwin, my life partner for the past 20 years, was the MC for the night, and turned in her typical stellar performance. She also played some selections and accompanied several acts on the keyboard, and read from her novel in progress entitled “Pine Hell.” The plot of this Steampunk Novel is set “in an alternative reality two degrees removed from the one we experience day to day” says Chelsea. Many people from Pine Hill have avatars in Pine Hell, in my opinion anyway.

Poet Richard Treitner talking with Dave Channon at the Microphone.

Richard distributed instruments and asks every to provide background
music for his poems. His poems have a pleasing cadence for musicians
and audience. Treitner performed in front of a low table with a dealt deck
of Tarot cards and candles. He provides a focus of performance magic which inspires the performers and the audience.

The climax of the show was the final poem chanted by Richard, accompanied by Damon on the guitar and Kitty on the keyboard.

MC Chelsea playing keyboards at “Vaudeville Comes to Pine Hill.”

On several selections played by Chelsea I whistled along with her,
Often improvising on the themes of the music she played. This is just what we do all the time around the bookstore and around the house.

Artist Richard Treitner reading his poetry. His painting and photography is
on exhibit at Pine Hill Books, 300 Main Street.

Magician Artie Martello performing in the Vaudeville
show. He also hosts the Folksong Show in the morning weekdays
on WIOX 91.3 FM (

The magician peers into his magic box of possible illusion.

Guitarist Damon Francisco signing and playing an original composition at
Vaudeville Comes to Pine Hill.

Damon is a good friend who lives in Pine Hill, and often helps out part time in the book store. He plays in bands around the Catskills. Damon supplied much of the audio equipment used in the show, and coordinated the set up of the stage area. His four number set in the show was a high point.

Ukelelist Kat Larios performing as Kitty Cannibal sings one of her compositions at Vaudeville Comes to Pine Hill.

Kitty Cannibal playing guitar and singing.

Steampunk tableau created by Pine Hill artist and craftsperson Mary Herrmann on display at Vaudeville Comes to Pine Hill. The mobile sculpture was created by Herrmann’s son, the costuming of the dolls by Mary Herrmann.

The more I look at the Steampunk Tableau created for for display at the show in a Steampunk/Goth theme the more I am impressed by the costumes of the dolls, the colors and fabrics, and the “stage set” of the tableau.

Rusty Mae Moore help create the Vaudeville Comes to Pine Hill show, and played /sang/whistled
her traditional rendition of “Up Against the Wall Red Neck Mothers” and the Goodwin’/Moores original “Its Time to Tip a Cow” in the show.

Mary Herrmann enjoys the show.

Ann Epner, Director of the Pine Hill Community Center, enjoys the
Vaudeville Comes to Pine Hill Show. Epner ‘s enthusiastic support
for the show was a tremendous boost.

The show was such fun that we are going to do them again. The next one is Saturday, February 18th, and we are calling it “Cabaret Gothique.” It will feature Kat Larios (Kitty Cannibal) and Isis Vermouth (a well known drag performer in Kingston. It should be fun, and even better than the first show.