Friday, January 11, 2013


WIOX Fri 1/11/13

Shandaken Town Board Meetings

Joyce Grant (Town Clerk and Tax Collector) (KUDOS FOR)
            Upgrade of online communication of information
                        NOW You Tubes of Town Meetings
                        Posting of Board minutes and resolutions
                        Meeting  times and dates
                        GENERAL LISTING OF EVENTS  Ex: Primitive Biathlon Jan 20 (since                                                                                                                                              1998)
                                    Upper Esopus Fish and Game Club
                                    Little Peck Hollow, Oliverea Road
                                                4 shooting stations
                                                2 shots per station
                                                Tomahawk and sharpshooter competition as well
                                                Youth divisions [RESPONSIBLE GUN EDUCATION]

End of year, beginning of year
            Transfer accounts
            Appoint town officials

            Comment on salaries
                        Police James McGrath part time circa 20K; Fulltime Officers circa 50K

                        Highway Eric Hoffmeister circa 41K
                        Supervisor Rob Stanley 30K  Board Members 9K
                        Tax Collector Joyce Grant circa 31K
                        Water Commissioners CIRCA 20K
                        Building Codes Al Frisenda 19K
                        Ambulance Rich Mueulerlleile 10K
                        Town Historian Nancy Smith 0 pay

            Outside Agencies
                        Newspaper-Daily Freeman
                        Banks-Key Bank and Community Bank


            Town Signs  Notice Big Indian/Oliverea upgrade
                        Weather delays
            Kiosks    Phoenicia/Shandaken/Big Indian/Pine Hill
                        Up by late spring Dave Channon
                        Road Map

            Scenic Byway to be revisited this spring

Flood Mitigation

            SAFARI  (Shandaken Area Flood Assessment and Rmediation
                        Plan with Tetra Tech
                        Rick Ricciardella (Cassandra)
                                    Portal releases building turbidity
                                    Need for dredging