Saturday, July 23, 2011

My New Blog

Since mega corporation Google has made it impossible for me to access "The Green Frog Cafe", my blog of many years because of its many acquisitions, I have been forced to start a new blog. The name "Professor Snappy McTurtle" was suggested by Chelsea Goodwin, my partner since 1992 through thick and thin. For some reason Chelsea likes to think of me as a turtle. I go along with this because turtles do seem to be favorably viewed by many, and they have proven to be one of the most durable species up to the present.

I like to use my blogs as a personal journal. It always came as a surprise to me that many friends and family later told me that they enjoyed reading my posts on the Green Frog Cafe. I will continue here in the same vein, and I hope to pick up 5 or 10 followers as I continue along. There are many times when I compose blog entries in my mind about things like what it is like to be treated like an old person, or the growing sense of alienation from younger people which I sometimes feel at present.

Right now there is a lot of stress in my life. My work as a professor of international business has seemingly ended at Hofstra, by my choice. I may teach elsewhere again, or even at Hofstra, but after 33 years within the Hofstra curriculum and culture I am glad to have a break. Perhaps more importantly, I am reevaluating many assumptions about international economic relations which I originally picked up at Northwestern and Fletcher in the late 50's and 60's which may no longer be valid. On the other hand, I have been enjoying the opportunity to teach a few courses in LGBTQ Studies, particularly because this area is centrally important to my direct life experience, and also because the students are intently interested in the field at this time.

Apart from the academic side of things, my plate is full of practical matters such as renovating our 1890 era house in Pine Hill, NY, "freshening" and renting out our two apartment town house in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Another big concern is the management of our book store in Pine Hill. I also am interested in doing more writing, whether it be of a journalistic, academic, or fictional nature.

Aspects of all of these endeavors will be discussed in this blog, as well as commentary on contemporary socioeconomic and political trends.


  1. Finally!!!! It was always nice to read your posts and see your wonderful photography!


  2. Can't wait to see y'al next week!

    Jamie, Tommy, and Kent

  3. I am glad you are back online with a blog !

    ---- Marina

  4. It's nice to be in good company on this corporate monstrosity. All your posts are clear and informative about you, your interests and what's happening. I'd like to write more about this area, but I'm not sure what to say other than an army influence makes people less emotionally present. Thanks for writing this.