Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My son and his partner David had a big engagement party at David's parents house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on August 3rd and 4th, 2012.  It was a great party Friday evening, Saturday evening, and the Sunday morning parting.  Here are some pictures and a You-tube taken during the party.

David and Colin have been together for about 5 years.  They currently live in Los Angeles, where David is studying at Cal Arts, and Colin is looking for work after taking time off for the summer break in Lancaster.

Colin is on the left facing the camera, David is on the right, profile to the camera.  The party was in the backyard of David's folks in Lancaster, under a tent on the large patio next to the pool.
I like this picture because it shows a moment of an affectionate touch between two people who are completely comfortable with being together.  Facing the camera is David's Grandmother Doris (on his dad's side of the family) who is a wonderfully articulate person, and a great fan of David's.

This is the entrance to the tent off the driveway,  where people arrived for the party.
One of the few posed pictures from the party.  L-R Rahmin, Aurora, three friends whose names escape me, Colin, and Craig.
David's mother, Linda, is in the blue dress, while David's older brother is facing Linda.
David's dad, brother, and sister-in-law.
Backs to the camera, L-R, Aurora, Paige, and Gabe.  In the distance, Deezer (David's father) and friends at the salad buffet table.
A view of people hanging out at the pool party.
Chelsea, my partner, relaxing for a moment.
Grandson Caleb was the only child at the party.  He mostly was in the pool, and when he was not swimming he was reading a book.
In the background, the prefoessional photographer at the party is taking a picture of Caleb with book, while in the foreground David's sister-in-law and Rahmin chat while Chelsea looks on.
My younger daughter Amanda poses for the camera, at the table with old friend Amber from high school days at Stuyvesant and ever since then.
My older daughter Jonica (on left in picture) takes a break with two other women in little black dresses.
Jonica talks with Colin, while Paige's younger daughter looks on.
Paige's older daughter (face to camera) talks with a friend.  The flower arrangements on the tables were all created by Jonica.
L-R Paige (who came from South Carolina for the party, an old friend of Colin's from the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC), Jonica, Colin, and Paige's younger daughter.
A group around the salad buffet table.  The food was wonderful.  Great salads, and some pig based dishes that were excellent for the meat eaters.
I gave a toast to David and Colin, with some tips on marriage from someone who has been already divorced two times, but has made it 20 years and counting on the third try.

There was a motor home annex at the party for people who needed a period in air conditioned comfort from time to time.  Paige and her daughters slept here.  L-R Colin, Craig, Amber.

People standing around after the party was over. There was a sad feeling that "the party's over, its time to call it a day" as everyone prepared to travel home.

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Miss Chelsea reclining in the Motor Home, listening to conversation.
An already married couple: Amber and Rahmin, in the motor home.
Jonica's flower arrangements all set up on the bar on the day after when the party was almost over, with people leaving for Los Angeles, New York, South Caroline, and other points in Pennsylvania.  In the background Colin and Craig fold table clothes and take down the tables.  Chelsea sits on the steps to the hot tub whirlpool with a pensive look on her face.
With the tables done, Colin, David, and Amanda chat on the patio.
Caleb was not feeling well after to days submerged in the pool.  Mother Amanda and Amber try to cheer him up, while Chelsea observes and thinks.

This is me, smiling at how wonderful the get together turned out to be, and wishing everyone good luck as we parted.  Thank you Deezer and Linda for having us all at your home on an occasion we will never forget.


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